Feel the Rush

Do you believe that you can fly? Do you think you can Slam Dunk better than Michael Jordan?….Well I say Just Do It!! – Join The Rush Movement.

RUSH trampoline park in
Claremont, Cape Town located in Stadium on Main, 104 Main road…..every turn around the parking lot to the top is so worth your while because once you inside you’ll definitely FEEL THE RUSH.


The park is kitted out with trampoline’s everywhere even on the side so you can practise to be a stuntman in the next..


One hour inside the park is a total body workout, I mean you playing trampoline dodgeball, trying to Slam Dunk like Mike, balancing yourself on a beam while battling it out Gladiator style and taking a leap of faith in a foam pit.


The best part of it all, you doing this wearing socks with grip like Spiderman.


Sounds AWESOME right….did I mention Spiderman uh yes you  can even walk on walls ok maybe jump on walls is the right term here.


Rush offer’s an array of jumping
experiences, from kids parties,
corporate events, holiday
camps and Rush cosmic lock
down nights to fitness classes,
dodgeball, wall running (wall
walk) and of course, open jump
(freestyle) and more.


If you’d rather kick back, relax and watch others jump, then their cool cafe is just for you. Free wi-fi and unique overseas

The Rush experience is fun for all adrenaline junkies wanting something different…I mean doing a backflip into a foam pit is pretty awesome right! WARNING getting out the pit is a struggle hahaha.

Grab some friends because I’m sure after reading this you Crave the rush….and yes – Rush will make you fly.


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