Are you keen?

A rainy Sunday afternoon turned out to be rather warm…

I heard my friends were going to volunteer at a Children’s Home, when I enquired further the question was asked, “Are You Keen on joining?”.

Always keen on lending a helping hand where needed as I personally feel time is more precious than money, I jumped at the opportunity.

We arrived at the Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone at 14:00 to join The Keen Movement an NPO started by a group of friends aiming to to encourage a keen
volunteer culture within Cape

The programme for the day was to interact with the children at the home making flags and helping them colour in pictures of our beloved Springbok – We were bringing the bok ‘gees’ seeing that the Bokke won on Saturday. As the children were brought into the room awoken from their afternoon nap we got them seated and watched them enthusiastically start drawing or colouring the pictures. I joined a group and tried talking to one of the little girls when a boy jumped on me haha, when I lifted him up he thought that was fun and wanted to do it all the time.

Once the children got past the initial shock of new faces they quickly opened up and become their usual cheerful, playful selfs as you would expect from children. One of them pointed out a Winnie the Pooh picture on the wall I never noticed, after he found a picture of Pooh on one of the crayons. I also learnt that a butterfly is actually a bubberfly hahaha kids really do say the darndest things.

We then moved to a bigger room where an attempt was made to teach the kids to Nae Nae, once the music started they had other plans, some showing off their own dance moves. Watching them run around laughing and playing, one girl asked me to pick her up, when I took her hand she started walking up my leg hahaha I felt like a jungle gym – this little girl definitely has a future in our South African gymnastic team one day.

A heart-warming experience thoroughly enjoyed by the volunteers and the children.

‘Don’t ever question the value of
volunteers. Noah’s Ark was built
by volunteers; the Titanic was
built by professionals.’ – unknown

If you are keen to know more about these amazing organizations follow the links below:

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