October is World Hunger Action Month and what better way to contribute than by volunteering to STOP HUNGER NOW…not later.


4 production lines, 4 sessions and one goal – 40 000 meal packets need to be filled. Kenilworth Centre celebrating their 40th Birthyear, this was the venue for enthusiatic volunteers to give back not just in donations but also in time.


In a carnivalistic atmosphere you are ushered to your station before each session, where Suzelle DIY will give you instuctions via live feed….ok just kidding its a pre-recorded video.

Today our team was at the start of the line we had a Soya lady, Soup Mix lady, Rice guy, Bag guy and a Packing guy…..and some famous guy too.


This famous guy wasn’t really in our team but he insisted on a picture with us hahaha (jokes it was forced) – Can I get a HOOOHAAA…(you will recognise him from Top Billing and The Expresso Show).

2 537 000 South African children experience hunger daily.

90% of the human brain develops between the ages of 0 – 5 years.

17% of South African children below 6 years are stunted.

A proper fed child contributes 47% more to a country’s economy.

With those stats the pressure was on to get those meal packages filled. Music as motivation (Top 40 Hits, all popular songs so you can sing along while packing), an enthusiastic MC and a bell being rung after every box is complete. The best part is when that bell is rung all volunteers get to give a big HOOOOHAAAA, who says giving back cannot be fun.

By volunteering you also stand a chance to win a shopping voucher, but let this not be your motivation though, the motivation should be to help feed a hungry child as CHILDREN are our future.

For more info on future events and how you can help visit

TOGETHER we can END hunger.


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