What If…

What if you reading this post and the world ended?

Ok don’t worry you still alive, yes there was a Super BloodMoon last night, a rare occurrence. The last one happened 33 years ago and the next one is predicted to be in 2033. If you looking for fast facts I’m no expert, infact I don’t even know what this means. I thought it had something to do with someone finding all the Dragon Balls.

I did not want to miss the opportunity to see this once in lifetime occurrence….I was expecting blood  though but what I saw was this..


Yeah uh limitations of my phone doesn’t do any justice to what I saw with my own eyes, your loss if you slept through it all hahaha (uh any cellphone companies or camera people want to sponsor me, you welcome).

Apparently this was the fourth and last bloodmoon in a series spanning 2 years, nope I’m not talking about Teen Wolf or Twilight man, this is more like Pokemon – Gotta catch em all :-D.

So there were predictions or talks that change would come about…

nan ajig yeogie hyeol-aeg dal ui
byeonhwaleul uimi whould saeng-
gag ibnikka?

…uh wait what? I can understand what is written above, no way this is amazing…. Ok just kidding I google translated that.

What if ET flew past the moon last night that would’ve been awesome, wait so was that a Supermoon in the movie?


That is what my cousin saw  all the way from Colombia just goes to show there is only one moon, if you didn’t already know that now you know – you can thank me later ;-).

What if they discovered life on another planet….hmmmm you in luck NASA just announced they found water on Mars, I guess this blood moon did bring about change….or is it all just a conspiracy theory?

Your choice to believe what you just read above….I know I don’t, I just write what comes to mind and usually it makes sense other times, well you be the judge.

Kind Regards
Buzz Lightyear – To Infinity and Beyond


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