A river runs through it..

Heritage day, a day celebrated in South Africa by having a braai with family and friends.

I opted to spend the day learning more about my beautiful city through the Free Walking Tour. The Historical Walking tour takes you through the streets of Cape Town, walking in the footsteps of some of South Africa’s pioneers in what we have to be thankful for today.


Starting off at Greenmarket square, the place of trade where you’ll find many souvenirs to take back home if you a tourist.

We then moved on to St George’s Cathedral where we got a glimpse of a piece of the Berlin Wall donated to late President Nelson Mandela. On the steps of the Cathedral we got a little intro into the City by our knowledgable guide Paul, he explained the origin of Cape Town and introduced us to the history of..

Autshumato (or Autshumao; akas: Herry or Harry de Strandloper) was a Strandloper leader who worked as an interpreter for the
Europeans in present-day South
Africa during the time of the
establishment of the Dutch
settlement on the Cape of Good
Hope in 1652.

He was seen as the first political prisoner on Robben Island and guess what he was a bit of a Micheal Scofield too as he escaped the prison.

We then moved towards the Company Gardens here we got a glimpse of The White House..


Ok just kidding this our Presidents office (when in Cape Town, one of the 3 capitals of South Africa…you have to join the walk to find out the other 2.) also known as Die Tuin Huis.

Through the gardens we stopped at the Slave Bell, this bell was rung as an acknowledgment to Slaves for payment, they were paid in Tobacco and Brandy.

We also learnt that about the oldest pear tree +-360 years old and still bearing fruit for the many squirrel to enjoy.


Next we stopped at the Cape High Court, this was where the mood dropped as the discussion of Apartheid came to the fore. Many questions were asked and answered and if we stayed any longer it would’ve turned into an entertaining debate as Racial Classification, Immorality Act and Group Area’s Act were explained to us by Paul. Highly informative for anyone visiting South Africa and if, like myself a tourist in your own city.

We moved on to the Red Light District of Cape Town, this I did not know but Church Square, opposite the Slave Lodge was a place for some seedy activity back in the day.


This is a monument to some of the many slaves, we learnt about one woman in specific Eva van Den Kaap the first princess of Cape Town and also Family of Autshumato.


This was where the slaves were sold, a sunday was the preferred day for buying and selling slaves. I thought the background in the picture Death Speaks is fitting with this monument as Slavery to me is inhumane, if we could hear from these slaves today they would have many deathly stories to tell I’m sure.

11 February 1990 Nelson Mandela took to the steps and addressed a quarter of a million people after being released from Robben Island, he concluded with the following words..

`I have fought against white
domination and I have fought
against black domination.
I have cherished the ideal of a
democratic and free society in which
all persons live together in harmony
and with equal opportunities.
It is an ideal which I hope to live
for and to achieve. But if needs be,
it is an ideal for which I am
prepared to die.`

This is a highly recommended tour, you will not be disappointed, Cape Town has a rich history just walking through it will open your eyes to a different world and who knows you might make some new friends in the process. I enjoyed my Heritage Day in a fullfilling manner.

If you have time Free Cape Town Walking Tours also offers a tour of Bo Kaap –

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