Beast Mode

The Cape Town Convention Centre hosted the SA Health and Fitness Expo…the doors were too small for some of the guys attending the expo they had to walk in sideways.

Glutes, Triceps, Biceps and uh ek wietie, think of any muscle in the body and it was on show, and here I was trying to fit in thinking stomach in chest out.

There were many challenges to test your fitness and show off you hard work in the gym. Pull Ups, Spinning, Ju Jitsu display, Strong Man Challenges even Zumba Fitness classes and Fives Futbol to keep you entertained.


I’m a huge EFC fan so when I saw the Hexagon I felt like shouting Tap Out! Tap Out!…but unfortunately it was just a training display.


The Main attraction was the Fitness Show music and super tanned, toned ripped bodies doing poses better than a pole dancer ofcourse mense gona think this can’t be real people must be magic, that’s probably why they got the Carl…ahari guy do MC the event.

All the people look like the can be on the cover of Mens Health or Woman’s Health but then there were some testosterone fuelled beasts who were looking for the cover of Muscle and Fitness instead.

In my mind I thought if you can’t beat them….BE THEM, so I’m a work in progress soon I will be on the cover don’t you worry

A well organised event lots of the big fitness brands on display giving specials and testers encouraging healthy living, your summer body is not only what you do on the outside but also what you put into your body.



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