Game on…

There’s a dream, I feel
So rare, so real
All the world in union
The world as one


1823 saw the introduction of Rugby to the World by Webb Ellis, the boy who caught the ball in a football match and ran with it. To this day it has become a sport from which legends were born, the 8th Rugby World Cup opening Ceremony took us back in style.

The atmosphere was electric as the field erupted in what looked like an earthqauke, with 30 huge players on a rugby field every match will be explosive. Names like Johnny Wilkinson –  England drop goal maestro, Jonah Lomu – All Black Machine and Francois Pienaar – 1995 South African captian fantastic have graced World Rugby and have tackled their way into our living rooms over the years but 2015 is the dawn of a new era…

It’s the world in union
The world as one
As we climb to reach our destiny
A new age has begun

20 Nations, 6 weeks – All preparations are over, opening ceremony is completed and the fans are expectant. Who will lift the coverted trophy and be crowned 2015 Rugby World Cup Champions?


Searching for the best in me
I will fight what I can beat
If I win, lose or draw
There’s a winner in us all


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