They coming


Braaaaaaaaains…..huuuuuuuuuh grrrrrrr….Ahhhhhhhhhh…HAIBO

Zombies are coming and they want your brains – Be Afraid VERY AFRAID, the above are just some of the sounds you’ll hear once the Apocalypce transcends Cape Town on the 31st October.

Leave your plants at home this ain’t gona help you against these Zombie’s anyway….maybe if you spot Milla Jovovich in town bring her, yes that will definitely help you survive.

In it’s 6th year the Annual Zombie Walk (Cape Town) where Zombies will once again feed their appetite for beautiful Cape Town people’s brains, this year they are going all out making this the biggest Halloween party.

The Lookout at the Waterfront will be host to the official afterparty with a massive entertaiment line up confirmed and plenty still to come.

Participants in this year’s Zombie
Fest can look forward to a well-
planned event with all the amenities
necessary to make it a day to
• Food market with tasty meals so
come hungry.
• Beer Garden
• Big Screen Sports
• Zombie Gamer X-Box Lan
• Craft market.
• Sumo Suite Wrestling
• Zombie Fest Competitions, incl best
Zombie costume.
• Plenty of on-site security.
• Medics on site.
• Photobooth sponsored by The 39
Steps Casting
And much much more to be


Yes Cape Town is a beautiful place but come 31st October you better hide your kids, hide your wives….even your granny the Zombies are hungry – My theory in beating this is going with the saying ‘If you can’t beat them, join them.’ Come along and join in madness.

For more info follow the link below to the facebook page.


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh they coming

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