Shine Your Way

Genesis 1:3 New International  Version
And God said, “Let there be
light,” and there was light.

As our Family Week comes to an end at the Maitland Moravian Church, under the theme Am I my Family’s Keeper we were entertained by a family of Cavemen….and women who taught us some valuable lessons about Family Values.

The Croods welcomed us into their cave, The Father who is the protector, afraid of change, held back by the darkness not knowing that out there somewhere  the light is shining and it is waiting to be explored.

Just before the dawn,
When the light’s still gone,
Shine, shine your way,
And you may not know, where to go,
Shine, shine your way

If you fear change the world around you will change forcing you to act, we all have a fear of the unknown but once we take that first step in FAITH who knows what the possibilities might be… might just discover a flame…

Open road but it’s still dark,
Build a fire from a spark,
And shine, shine your way,
Feed the feeling in your heart,
Don’t conceal it then you’ll start,
To find, find your way

Sometimes our families don’t understand us and as children we are born with an inherent  nature to explore new things, enquisitive minds need to be nurtured in the right way, this will lead to a bright future…

No one can stop, what has begun,
You must believe when I say
All of your tears will dry faster in the
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way

The world is our oyster with new discoveries around every turn, a step out the door is a step in the right direction. We were not meant to hold back our light but to BE THE LIGHT..

There’s an open sky,
And a reason why,
You shine, shine your way,
There’s so much to learn,
And now it’s your turn,
To shine, shine your way

Yes our parents are there to protect us from danger, they are our keepers and we as children have a responsibility to respect them and thier decisions. When they do loosen the reigns and let us free we should not go reckless into the unknown…

There’s a feeling deep inside,
You can let it be your guide,
To find, find your way,
And there’s no time for us to waste,
Got to take a leap of faith,
And fly, fly away

Don’t have to walk,
Now you can run,
Nothing can get in your way
All of your tears will dry faster in the
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way

Each day is a blessing and an opportunity to right the wrongs of yesterday and one step closer to flying on the sun into tomorrow

Morning is breaking,
Darkness is fading,
We found a way to the light,
It’s such a beautiful sight
Any time, anywhere,
Turn around and I’ll be there,
To shine, shine your way
Like a star burning bright,
Lighting up the darkest night,
I’ll shine, shine your way
Now I can see,
You are the one,
Sent here to show me the way
All of your tears will dry faster in the
Starting today,
Shine, shine, shine,
We’re on our way,
Shine, shine, shine,
That’s what we say,
Shine, shine, shine,
Shine your way
There’s a reason why
You shine, shine your way

The biggest lesson learnt is that family can go through rough patches and may not always see eye to eye but they are FAMILY and through LOVE for one another..

All of our tears will dry faster in the
Shine your way

..they will SHINE THE WAY together.


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