Maker Faire

The inaugaural Cape Town Maker Faire where you are able to interact and engage with the future game changers of our society….


..yip forget Aliens, Robots are coming and they are ready to take over your toaster. Gone are the days when you needed to go to work in a suit and tie to be successful these ‘makers’ work from their homes and what they produce are some of the most amazing things you’ll see.


An electric Zing Bug yeah the beetle has gotten a makeover and is more environmentally friendly – carbon wheel print and all.

The space allowed for easy access to each stall and intimate enough for you to engage with the ‘Makers’ easily, if you had any questions that needed to be answered. There ain’t no such thing as a wrong question right o_O. With +-45 different stall to see categorised in various areas of design, you are bound to find something you fancy. I noticed  that 3D printing is huge almost got my hand bitten off by a 3D printed T-Rex


A light thing that senses movement, if you put your hand over the lights it…yeah you guessed it – lights up, you obviously going to make Star Wars sounds when you see this right 😀


“In a dark place we find
ourselves, and a little
more knowledge lights
our way.”
– Yoda

I tried the Flyboy and have to admit I’m not made for that thing you have to trust the machine or….yip its more trusting yourself right hmmm guess I have trust issues haha but it is fun once you get the hang of it, which I didn’t.

Do or Do Not, there is no try – Yoda

The Drone Zone was cool they had some races through a course set up inside the venue. A camera attached to the drone allowing the user to see where ever you fly using glasses like a first person shooter, that was awesome. There was even a guy who made a glove that controls the drone..


With a stage allowing the Makers to present their work and a platform for us to see the people behind these awesome designs. Got to see the real mechanics behind those awesome floats we see at the Cape Town Carnival each year, you learn respect and appreciation for the people behind the scenes after you see the work put in. I even learnt how to make my own hologram and a pop-up card with the help of the team at Living Maths.

“Always pass on what
you have learned.”
– Yoda

Thank you Master Yoda I intend to..

“Powerful you have
become, the dark side I
sense in you.”
– Yoda

What!!! No I am not Lukes Father..

HAVE my young
– Yoda

An awesome experience at the first Cape Town Maker Faire and I am sure it will only grow from here.


There should be many people who can donate old TV’s and toasters to be taken apart by aspiring young minds.

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