WENN in LalaLand

You’ve seen him on SA’s Got Talent – You’ve heard him on Youtube…now let him take you on a different road, they say you will be surprised what you find if you take the road less traveled.


Forget Alice in Wonderland…this is Julian WENN in Lalaland – sophistication on another level, throw all what you’ve seen before out the window this guy will entertain you, no he will WENNtertain you in his first one-man show…en moenie laat kom nie you will be shamed.

Armed with a guitar, mic and many faces this show will take you on a roller coaster ride of unexpected twists and turns into the mind and world of Mr Wenn, like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, Julian has a story to share and through his show that story comes alive. Music, acting, crowd participation and just an all round positive attitude is what you can expect, when the performance is over you’ll learn that all you need to do to change the world is SMILE.

The show goes to Joburg after a one-night only performance in Cape Town tonight so soos hulle sé you snooze you lose, yarre Cape Town moet julle altyd so laid back wies but not to worry ek sal met die ou praat miskien bring hy sy positive vibrations wee Kaap toe….and when he does you better recognize because Julian Wenn is going to become a household name.

Vir die wat nog nie van Julian Wenn gehoorit nie, of julle bly onne ‘n klip lees maar ‘n bietjie meer hier onne – click in the links djy 😉

http://wp.me/p3Uk77-kE – Birds Gotta Fly
http://wp.me/p3Uk77-kY – One Love

All the best Sir on your run in Jozi they say it is the City of Gold…but they have not seen real gold yet,


Jozi are you ready to be WENNtertained?

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