Road Less Travelled

I’m in town for the Open Design programme when I notice a free walking tour of Bo Kaap hmmm why not this seems interesting, a new way to explore the cultural hub of Upper Cape Town.

The tour starts at 2pm and it is 1pm my mind and my tummy tells me it needs food so I head off to find me some bacon…I heard about Bacon on Bree and so I’m on a mission to get those 3 little pigs in my belly nom nom. A cosy venue in Bree Street, I asked the waiter what he recommended and went with the new house favourite ‘Salma Hayek’ – yeah my thoughts went to the actress on a plate but hey dreams don’t always come true haha – I got the fastest service ever, my order came in less than 5 minutes from ordering. It was served on a plate shaped like a pig – awesome, they said everything was made of bacon but I never expected that. The food was excellent I’d recommend Salma Hayek anyday ;-).

Tummy filled I’m ready to walk it off hmmm seems like I’m a little early, after a quick introduction from the tour guide he recommends a coffee – I go for a single shot of espresso (first time) – caffiene boost of note o_O.

22 people in the group ready to brave a lovely Cape Town Winters Day and make their way up Bo Kaap to experience Culture, Cuisine and Customs but first a group photo.


The walk is +- 1 hour 30 minutes and takes you directly into the heart of Bo Kaap in living colour, with various stops along the way you are bound to learn something new even for a local like myself, we can’t let the tourist have all the fun right ;-).

Bo Kaap is filled with rich history about 6000 – 6500 residents most of them Muslim, on the tour you will learn about why the houses are all colourful,
image’ll stop at the oldest Mosque in Cape Town. You’ll be taught the local Muslim greeting and put this into practise as you stop at Biesmiellah’s for a “Koesister” if you like. There are many things to do in Bo Kaap this free guided walk (tipping the guide is welcome ofcourse) is just a little taste but definitely worth the time – our tour guide Rico was really entertaining and knowledgeable  of the area not forgetting his cheesy jokes to keep us warm with laughter.

So grab your walking shoes and take the road less travelled you might just discover something amazing.

For more info check out there facebook page

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