Design For Tomorrow

A 12 Day event featuring curated exhibitions, performances, seminars, demonstrations, launches and open studios sharing the transformative power of design through talking about, reflecting on and engaging with it; exchanging information that could benefit a broader local and global growth of ideas, practices and markets.

“We cannot solve the complex challenges of the future by doing what we’ve done in the past. We need to think and act differently” – Albert Einstein

I decided to live in the moment and think for tomorrow – the weather deterred me abit though to be honest but I hopped on the taxi only to get to town and a random a guy asking me for a R5, when I shook my head he answered “Ya maar as ek kak aanvang dan wil julle kwaad word” – In my mind I’m thinking hou op kak aanvang en kry ‘n werk of iets – that story reflects the About page of the Open Design programme perfectly in my opinion where it states…

Think of the future. What does it look like? Do we have what we need to feed, house, clothe, move and educate all people? Is there enough to sustain future generations on one planet? Or is our vision the same as what we see in 2015?

With a host of activities for us to enjoy from 09:00 – 17:00 – from Langa, The City Hall, V&A Waterfront and Woodstock this is an opportunity not to be missed If you love design or just a new way to explore our city, get out there and grab this chance with both hands…some events are free while others are priced for details visit the website

As I mentioned I snoozed abit this morning due to the weather so I missed out on the start of the City Walk which meanders from the Company Gardens through St George’s Mall and ends at St Andrew’s Square but when I got to Town I decided to still see what’s on. I found an interesting event unrelated to the Open Design

That is a bird or duck I’m not sure but he was calling his mate who was in an opposite tree…I think this was some kind of mating call – the saying Love takes you to new heights in living colour :-D.

I also entered a medieval film shoot by the City Varsity students a scene close to Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings – I even got interviewed about the SA Film industry, they said it will be up on some site soon maar ek dink ek was te nervous to be famous haha screwed up my 5 seconds of fame.

There were many people on-route and posters directing you on What’s happening and where – dancers in the streets and trumpet players – I love my City when it is this alive. Another unrelated event to Open Design was when I almost became an extra to a movie shoot looked like some brazilian movie with Capoeira on Greenmarket Square.

The Open Design programme runs from 12 August until 23 August they invite you to imagine, design and co-create the technology, healthcare, agriculture, education, housing, cities and business of the future. Come and hear ideas, share experiences, discover innovations, discuss viewpoints, debate opinions and celebrate the value and impact of great design.

Their mission is to develop a culture that educates and empowers youth, develops human capital, drives socio-economic change, nurtures leaders and activates responsive citizens. This is the foundation that will allow society’s future custodians to lead us towards a new tomorrow.

From what I experienced today we are in for a jam-packed fun-filled week.

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