The Big Bang Theory

Many years ago….we talking millions if not billions of light years there was a big bang and all the dinosaurs disappeared. There was one clever man who never knew how to use a comb and he said many clever things that would change the world as we know it.

Logic will take you from A-B, but imagination will take you everywhere – Albert Einstein

Ok you might seem confused with that opening paragragh well it is National Science Week and the Cape Town Science Centre opened their doors and expert knowledge pool for all to enjoy, and hopefully explain the big bang theory better than I could.

Cape Town Science Centre: Mission Statement
To make a hands-on contribution to South Africa’s future by strengthening its science and technology culture through interactive methods of teaching: to excite the youth and general public about science, and offer educational services to learners and educators across South Africa.

We always hear the government preaching maths and science as career paths, well a visit to the science centre and you’ll realise just how much fun Maths and Science really can be. With over 250 Interactive exhibits you are bound to lose track of time who knows you might even venture into…..

..outerspace – One small leap for mankind, One GIANT leap for anyone who can fit in that suit.

You are able to solve various puzzles and learn many new amazing things, yes the internet and the media probably gave you all the information you need but what fun is that. The Science Centre lets you touch, smell, feel even taste REAL SCIENCE in action now that sounds more exciting to me so get off your..


..bed of nails there is a whole..
image of science to discover I even found out how tornado’s are formed not the one’s in Sharknado (unfortunatly), challenge a friend to mind ball or strap yourself into Gyroscope. The Science Centre is for young and old to enjoy all you have to do is bring a curious mind and a new world awaits, a world of exciting opportunities.

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see – John Whiteman

If a visit to the science centre doesn’t blow your mind maybe this riddle will.

How many of me are there in the above picture?


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