Gone in 60 Minutes..

Team: Flying fish. Awesome hour, so close guys. Those MATHS skills!! #hinthuntsouthafrica… instagram.com/p/52ClkbCxrt/

What an awesome hour it was…the  excitement was high as we were expecting great things from our team……except those maths skills.

From the briefing before you enter the room till the end your heart is racing, an adrenaline, fun filled 60 minutes with awesome stories to reflect on afterwards….that is if you still leave as friends or colleagues  once the clock stops ticking.

The goal is simple yet
challenging: get out in time!
Else … you could be trapped
inside forever! During this
engaging and challenging game
team members truly live and
breathe in union for an hour.

There are two different rooms to choose from The John Monroe Office or the Zen Room both with its own set of difficulty so already you have your choice set out for you…our choice was the John Monroe Office.

5 friends entered all excited and enthusiastic boasting about beating the room (okay fine it was mostly me, talk is cheap once you inside.) once inside it was a whole different story. Think CSI, BONES, NUMB3RS and abit of FRIENDS if you like us taking time-out to take old school selfies (no phones or camera’s allowed inside the room so you have to join the experience to get what I mean 😉 ).

If you love Cluedo and hate Monopoly then this is the perfect game for you because it actually ends after 60 minutes…all clue I can give is do not over think and most importantly HAVE FUN, oh yes and team work is important.

This was one amazing experience we all enjoyed, we were called team FLYING FISH and it showed in us all flying around through the room solving each puzzle only to end up rock bottom with simple maths skills (I am only a tax administrator 9-5 WEEKDAYS so don’t blame me – there is no I in TEAM o_O ).


We all had an amazing time and even though we were so close we left the room friendship intact and many memories to share…..I bet we even left the Hint Hunt team with a top 10 video to watch on their year end function hahaha.

For more info visit the website and test your skills……..one precaution don’t take it too seriously it is a game after all….or is it….


*tee tee dum* *Insert CSI or LAW and ORDER music o_O.


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