Be as you wish


The Cape Town International is turned into abuzz of people as the Factory Shop expo gives the bargain hunter an opportunity to scramble under one roof.

Forget Black Friday this is two days of specials galore, 2 for one specials, buy one get one free and any 6 for a R100 are all over en as djy leka is met die bek kan djy miskien nog ‘n R100 af kry koep net meer as een ding.

Clothing, Towels, Perfumes hair and Make up products anything you can think of you’ll find…..even Couches uh I dunno if that can fit in a shopping bag so bring maar ‘n paar manne om daai ding uit te dra o_O.

This is a family friendly expo with live entertainment, I got to see an energetic performance by the out of Africa Dance Academy..


…food stalls and as jy jou oë oop maak is daar spook asem vir die kinders ook, just don’t give them too much sugar they might lose their helium Snoopy…


Cash is king but cards accepted maar voetjek met jou cheque…..come on over and experience Verimark products Live 😀

If you are looking for great deals….maybe even Killer deals head over to the CTICC there is still one day left plus part of the ticket price goes to the Refurbishment of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital ICU.

Be as you wish, retail therapy in winter keeping that chill at bay with warm prices 😉

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