Riddle me that

@GrandWestSA @benhowardmusic Always a riddle in the world she said
Always a riddle inside my head
Always a thing of wonder
The way we come..

This was the tweet that won me tickets to see Ben Howard Live at Grandwest Casino. Ask me who is Ben Howard and I’ll be honest and say I had no idea before the concert who he was and what type of music he performs.

A quick google search and I learn he is 28 years old from London, genre Folk, Indie Folk….Ok seems good, youtube a couple of videos yeah not to bad lets get out of the comfort zone and get our Indie Folk on 😀

SAMA Nominated for best alternative rock album Bye Beneco was the opening act there performance was amazing there were sounds I did not hear before thinking what instruments are those….definitely something alternative. First time I heard of them and yip there performance was good although the crowd seemed to be containing themselves for the main act which was Ben Howard ofcourse.


After a 30 minute break the crowd erupts as Ben Howard and the band hits the stage, when the lights went over the audience I was like where did all these people come from. I will admit because we did not know any of the songs it was abit weird but I’m all for learning and experiencing new things so with a quick search google helped us so we could sing along hahahaha. Their stage presence is awesome and the lighting went well with each song performed, 2 hours of Ben Howard and his uhh I still don’t know what Indie Folk suppose to sound like but what I heard I enjoyed :-D.


The highlight for me was when he performed End of the Affair – he announced it as a love song – Keep in mind first time I’m hearing the song and I was like ok is this a love song when I found out the name totally confused o_O but still a good performance….the encore was the best this really got the crowd pumping and portrayed his talent to the utmost.

Thank you for the experience I now know who Ben Howard is when I hear his song on the radio I’ll be like I saw him live –

Rock on \../

*pictures courtesy of Chandre’s friend Nicole 😉


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