Minion Rush

When last were you at the cinema?

As part of Mandela Day Ster Kinekor invited kids from disadvantaged areas  to come and enjoy a day at the Cinema and watch the new Minions movie. Sandton City in Johannesburg, The Grove Mall in Pretoria East, Cavendish in Cape Town and Gateway in Durban were the hosts of 67 excited kids some of them experiencing the big screen for the first time, I was lucky enough to be part of this occasion at Ster Kinekor, Cavendish in Cape Town.

At Cavendish in Cape Town, youngsters from St. John the Baptist and St. Vincent De Paul in Atlantis will be hosted

On arrival the children were excited their faces lit up as they were escorted into the cinema each given a a medium Popcorn (the enthusiasm was so high no spice was thrown over by the kids) and Cooldrink (all that sugar and watching minions hmmm this should be interesting). Once inside a speech about the day was made by Geraldine Engelman, CSI Manager of Ster-Kinekor Theatres.

“This fun, ‘giving back’ event is an integral part of Ster-Kinekor’s ‘Vision Mission’ project, its flagship corporate social investment programme that celebrates its 10 th anniversary this year. The project provides corrective eye care to disadvantaged learners, in partnership with various organisations including Brien Holden Vision Institute and the Department of Health,

It was suprising to see the hands when asked who  is in the cinema for the first time about 70% put their hands up…another question was “wie het al die movie gekyk?” – One child answered, “Ya Antie gisteraand” kids really do speak their mind :-D.


Lights, Camera Action – watching the movie surrounded by children laughing at every scene depicted by the Minions on screen was truly a blessing the laughter and excitement was contagious.

After the movie they got some pictures taken and were treated to banana’s (just kidding thats a reference to the movie) – Nando’s sponsered each child with a burger and chips which they enjoyed inside the movie house, how awesome is it to have a whole theatre closed down just for you to enjoy.


Each kid received a blanket to take home for the coming cold winter weather as they said farewell and left the cinema to make their way back home with an experience I am sure they would not forget very soon.

Ster-Kinekor customers can also make a difference on Mandela Day – and every day – to assist Vision Mission in achieving its objectives. When booking online ( or at one of the self-service terminals in the cinema foyer, opt in to make a contribution – from an amount as small as R2.50 – to Vision Mission when prompted during the booking process.

Thank you to Micheal and his staff at Cavendish for their support and everyone else especially the educators involved in making a difference in these children’s lives EVERYDAY,  I felt like one of the children wide-eyed and happy.

Great moments at their Greatest – Ster Kinekor


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