Flyby night

This ain’t no flyby night story this is a New Horizon in Space exploration bigger than the first step on the moon by Lance StrongArms…or was it Buzz maakie saakie kan Woody ook geweesit conspiracy theories still debating whats in Area 52 anyway.


Is it a bird, Is it a plane…nah its a heart on Pluto the most recent picture that has the internetsphere buzzing think this is bigger than that holle we saw not so long ago, it mos broke the internet ne.

It marks the fact that all nine
objects considered by many to be the Solar System’s planets – from Mercury through to Pluto – have now been visited at least once by a probe.

I had to go back to that geography class I missed to realise there are nine planets…but hulle sé dan Pluto is ‘n dwarf damn what do they have against Hobbits…didn’t these mense watch The Lord Of The Rings Frodo het groot voete man.

Anyways on a serious note we are now entering the future beyond the imagination NASA is on the verge of answering the age old question….are we alone or is there life out there? That question so old the Series is called ANCIENT Aliens.

Ok fine everything you just read might be confusing and all over the place but cmon we are on the Third Rock from the Sun global warming affecting my brain.

All I want to say to NASA is welldone for taking us to…

Infinity and beyond 😉


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