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Take Action, Inspire Change – Make EVERYDAY Mandela Day.

Why wait till tomorrow when you can Stop Hunger NOW, yes some may argue that this day has just become another media ploy like Valentines day but at least it has a positive spin-off where I am sure over the years there are people who carried the process of giving back for more than the allocated 67 minutes. (Don’t worry Cupid I’m not against that day of love maar ek wag nog vir daai arrow om my in die gat te skiet o_O)

In 3 days time a day before Mandela Day a proudly South African Initiave is being set To Stop Hunger by getting the public to help package 1 Million meals in one day to be distributed across South Africa

“There is no passion to be found
playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” – Madiba

…..hmmmm I’m thinking like Doctor Evil said why my millions when you can make….BILLIONS.


Come on people lets get involved and help feed the hungry – Winter is coming we all want to have a Happy Healthy Meal –
The meals are highly nutritious and comprise of rice, soya, dehydrated vegetable mix and a fortification pack of 23 essential minerals and vitamins specifically formulated to combat malnutrition (complying with the UNICEF standard).

“A good head and a good heart
are always a formidable
combination.” – Madiba

Lets once again open up our hearts and gather our resources and inspire change this Madiba day – for those reading across the world why not join in and lets take this worldwide…

“It always seems impossible
until it’s done.” – Madiba

Ok I’m done talking lets turn this into ACTION – for more info follow the link: http://www.stophungernowsa.org/index.php/whatwedo


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