Take me to Church

A new month…you know what that means right πŸ˜€ – the streets are open and Cape Town gets cultural on FIRST THURSDAY.

Armed with a map you can walk between 38 different destinations participating, all having a different feel to it…tonight the street to be was Church Street – felt like a festive summers night πŸ™‚


I attended the Reserve Wine Vault for “Wine and the Art of Wine Labels” – Art and Wine are like the peanut butter and jam sandwich of these events they just go well perfectly.

Next I went to Mogalakwena Gallery where an exhibit by Hylton Nel & Nico Masemula called “Conversations” was being showcased but just like the title of this exhibit I was invited to attend a storytelling session by Woman Zone – Everything happens for a reason right :-)…before the story telling I explored the streets abit further.

Ask for what you want – Lady Skollie

I’m a Hypocrite for calling this show
“Ask for what you want”
When I often have great difficulty doing just that,
I’m a big victim of beating around the bush.
Admitting to yourself what you want
sitting down and deciding exactly what you deserve, all take great dicipline and I think
I’m only coming to grips with that now;
If you don’t ask, take or do you don’t receive
so stop pretending to be a selfish bitch
and actually be one.

A solo exhibition at World Art by Lady Skollie took an interesting twist getting the public involved asking the question – What is it that you really want? o_O.

At the Smith Studio Gallery – Marsi van de Heuwel’s “Entanglement” took us through an explosion of oil on canvas – some of the pieces literally changed the longer you looked at it, that is the amazing thing about art everyone has their own unique intepretation.

At a pop up gallery in the back of a truck I found an amazing depiction of Darling street through the eyes of artist Nasser N. Zadeh this piece can be a real conversation starter in any home a masterpiece indeed :-).

The Mystic Loft is a must visit on First Thursday here you will find anything from a suit of armour to vintage clothes…with an old gramophone playing in the background and a baby crib swinging with no baby inside this has all the makings of a horror movie scene o_O

Back to the Mogalakwena Gallery where I was just in time to hear an inspiring story of  Ntsiki Ngege’s journey through her divorce, how she handled and overcame this trying time – it inspired a book which she is launching on the 9 August 2015 to help woman realise they are strong human beings and have the power to change the world. The Woman Zone are a group of woman who come together and share stories motivating and empowering each other to speak up and take back their lives no matter what their background or situation. Hugs and encouraging words are given, laughter and smiles and even a little tear is shared but in the end they are left thankful knowing that someone listened πŸ™‚ – For more info follow:


Do not forget that every First Thursday of the month the Streets of Cape Town are open for you to enjoy…


…thats right nothing ever ends if you let your imagination run wild πŸ˜‰


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