Make every second count…

leap second (noun)
a second which is occasionally
inserted into the atomic scale of
reckoning time in order to bring
it into line with solar time. It is
indicated by an additional bleep
in the time signal at the end of
some years. – google o_O

As the Earth slows down take a second…make that a leap second to realise that you have one second more to make a difference tonight.

In June 2012 – screams of the world is going to end as a leap second caused mayhem, tonight we wait in bated breath (ok some of us won’t even realise what happened) to watch the clock strike 11:59:60..

Ok so it may sound confusing to you….yeah I’m baffled too like I only know about a leap year and find it funny if someone is born on that day like do they celebrate there birthday every four years or something o_O…guess I got an extra second to google the answer :-D.

Did you know…in one second

Light travels 186,282 miles – Eskom please explain why we have loadshedding again o_O

4.3 babies are born – ok so what does the .3 mean is that like where just the head popped out or something :-O

1.8 people will die – .8 is that person in the movies who still has a breath to say something interesting like….”I buried the gold under..” uhhhh dead 😐

Earth will orbit 18.5 miles around the sun – Wait I thought the sun is moving around the Earth…next you gona tell me there life on other planets o_O.

4051 photos will be uploaded to
Facebook – blink and you’ll see more rainbows.

Warren Buffett will earn £256 – I always thought this guy invented the Buffet…with money like that he added another T-bone steak to his surname o_O.

The International Space
Station travels 4,784 miles round Earth – Oh so it is this thing that spins around the Earth, my kop spin nou ekse..

1,363,426 spam emails are sent – You’ve got mail…I wonder if I’ll get one at 11:59:60.

Around 20,000 Coca Cola drinks are sold around the world – Don’t ask me if that jeans make you look fat if you got a coke in you trolley.

Approximately 4,000 new stars are created – guess Idols gone be on for many more years to come…

9 iPhones are sold – I bet there someone who can eat an Apple in a second too.

So after reading all that you probably waisted many precious seconds my bad…just goes to show do not complain when you say you do not have enough time in a day….seconds can turn into minutes and minutes into yeah you know the rest.

So go out there and MAKE EVERY SECOND COUNT – Tick Tock


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