Mixed Mense


The stage was set for Young Voices to rise..to heat up the winter night amplifying their ideas through music, poetry and dance.

An initiative by the Cape Cultural Collective giving a platform for young talent to thrive and be heard…and from the performances tonight they certainly did not disappoint…it was actually inspiring seeing the dedication and passion put into each performance.

Summer Dawn started off the evening with her Adele like voice, as her name suggests I think we all forgot it is winter as this sixteen year old wowed us with her skills on the ukelele. One of the songs she sang was You’ve got time (theme song to the series Orange is the new black)…yes at 16 years old she still has time to follow in her mother and grandma’s path, at the moment she has a bright future ahead :-D.

AJG a lyrical genius 20 years of age splitting some fast paced verses getting our heads bobbing to some underground beats…watching him while he warmed up I could see he was made for this and once he got the mic he was in the zone. ‘I see you hatin cos you know I’m on the rise’..yip you are keep rising sir.

Poetry in motion, young poets Yandiswa and Lebo, they may be young in age but the words that came from their hearts suggested some deep rooted issues of concern that are faced by our youth in this day and age..very inspiring and motivating – born-free, is this just a phrase loosely thrown by our society still partly enslaved by deep seated problems…with young minds like these we are sure in for some good surprises in the future.

Something a little different in the form of bellydancing…shake shake what your momma gave ya – Shakira wie? Alles wat skut I wanted to phone The Rock as I thought we might be in a scene from San Andreas o_O…skut jou biscuit want dit is koud πŸ˜€

A little history lesson about the Freedom Charter adopted on this day in Kliptown 1955 before we were entertained by Berlin Square ( not the full band)…after their performance I was just thinking wow imagine seeing them all together they were amazing doing 3 covers that definitely got us grooving the winter blues away.

Roche Kester reminded us of June 16 through her poem entitled ‘Lest we Forget’…and took us on a psychological mind trip back into a childlike state in a poem entitled ‘And so I write…’

Adam and Lee their names go together so well that Adam decided he is going to marry her anyway :-D…we were in a church after all hahaha just kidding but yes they are engaged I guess it is their love for music that brought them together. They performed 3 songs, the popular Redemption song and an original song asking the question why, why are things getting worse and worse with each generation. The hard questions need to be asked so that we can answer them and move on to a positive and brighter future for all. They ended their set with God bless Africa…he indeed blessed us tonight with amazing young talent.

An artist that needs no introduction was the headliner of the night – hy mag oud wees but as he said he is young at heart Emile YX….Z (Z for zero tolerance against society always painting a negative image of the mense from the Cape Flats). Through Hip Hop he has broken down barriers and together with his group Mixed Mense they rocked the night coloured style. Breakdancing, Rapping, Gumboot dancing dit was alles innie mix.. ‘ons is meer as wat djy dink ons eintlik is’ awe is mos ‘n Cape Flats ding hoyaaaaa πŸ˜€ – massive respect and power to the people loved the energy and inspiring words from a legend.

All in all an awesome mixture of young talent giving us hope for a future full of dreams and inspired minds let our Young voices be heard for we are the future.

God Bless Africa.

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