Fault in the stars

Finally movies like Interstellar and Guardians of the Galaxy are starting to make sense after I attended a talk hosted by the Science Cafe Cape Town.


Astrophysicist Ros Skelton gave us an amazing in-depth look back in time more like 13.7 billions years ago that is roughly how old the universe is…suddenly I feel so much younger o_O.

The venue was Truth Coffee shop packed to the brim with science enthusiasts and curious minds all wanting to know more about our universe expanding our knowledge base…it was a big bang explosion of knowledge as we heard words like andromeda and hubble, CERN and SALT, with words like that I’m now more sure than ever that there is life on other planets o_O.

Did you know that galaxies are filled with gas and dust..it is true warm air does rise ek dink ek moet ophou so baie poep o_O….we heard about eliptical and spiral shaped galaxies when they combine they are called mice – don’t look too long at the sun because what you are seeing is what the sun looked like 8 minutes ago…WAIT WHAAAAT o_O.

The simulations shown were astronomical seeing the galaxies come alive like particles under a microscope the colours are amazing too….it is said that in +-4 billion years time Andromeda will collide with our Milky Way to form Milkcomeda (idea for a new Cafe Latte perhaps 😉 )…this is goetes you hear in movies like Star Wars.

The stars travel at speeds of 100 to 500km per second yislaaik now Fast and the Furious seem abit boring right….coming straight from work the mense thought I was Agent E from Men in Black so at the end of the talk I took out my flashlight thingy and woooooosh they were all blinded by…

…the Truth and nothing but the truth.

Awesome talk and happy one year anniversary to the Science Cafe Cape Town..from what I saw today you will be taking us light years into the future.

In the words of Buzz Lightyear – Reach For The Stars ;-).

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