Cure for Cabin Fever

Need a cure for cabin fever or just a reason to keep warm this winter The Good Night Market is the place to be every last Wednesday of the month…new exhibitions and NEW DISCOVERIES (Free hot chocolate too you must know by now ek is ooral waar daar free goed is hahaha – just a once off sorrrrrrrieeeee)


The Watershed at the Waterfront was packed with locals and internationals alike all trying to get away from the winter chill and find an alternative way to spend their cold nights, wine in hand browsing through different stores all hand crafted pieces you’ll be amazed what you might find…maybe even a new friend..


I found an amazing store where used teabags are turned into works of art…people from all over the world are donating used teabags to be turned into something amazing.


“A woman is like a tea bag, you only know how strong she is when you put her in hot water” Eleanor Roosevelt

There were some random flashmob action going on guys standing on the stairs singing to everyone walking up and down… my interest was more on this

image that not cool yislaaik winter just got alot hotter right :-D.

With Madiba Day coming soon 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day were represented to raise awareness and support for the cause, many people were seen knitting in support to help keep Cape Town warm this winter.

Made with Love – please join us on this incredible journey. Stitch by Stitch, we will be keeping thousands of people around the world warm this winter in the name of our beloved Nelson Mandela. His legacy lives on in each blanket we produce with our own two hands.

Food and wine or craft beer if you like while enjoying live entertainment (sounds like an awesome night out to me 🙂 )..I heard some new talent or at least new to me, Louise Day, a guy called FruitVendor (An artist who definitely has talent and should make waves in the South African music industry).

Another arist who performed was Wild Lettuce with a different sound..the Didgeridoo is used together with loop peddals, a guitar and a violin all fused into an acoustic array of mind-blowing sounds – winter is coming and ofcourse the song of fire and ice was played – awesome talent :-).

To end off my evening I listened to some poetry…the words erupted from the artists mouth like a volcano spewing hot lava through the souls of the audience as she hit us with a double edged samurai sword speaking about fong kong love o_O.


Follow the footsteps who knows what mysteries you might uncover…

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