What the Fog…

What a day after a somewhat emotional church service this morning – the hand of God was upon me as I was blessed with the opportunity to visit my Dad on Fathers Day – The World’s Greatest 😀

2 hour 30 minutes away from Cape Town a random unplanned roadtrip with the family a surprise visit to Dad :-)…..Elim hier kom ons woop woop.

It felt like the trip was sponsored by Sterri-Stumpi as we stocked up at the Total in Caledon for snacks and a selfie ofcourse o_O…it did not happen if there are no pictures right hahahaha.

On your way to Elim you will see ‘n paar weird names on the bordjies maak net jou oë oop, A MOERSE padstal in Napier,  Vaalkop, A Biltong en Kaas winkel in Bredasdorp en Holdrif…hulle drift sieke kaalgat tussen die daisy’s o_O

We arrived in Elim vol smiles and in time to see the sunset on a  beautiful winter solstice (shortest day, longest night)…happy to see the parents, a great surprise indeed.

You gotta love your parents they will do anything for you even pack in padkos for the way back home and brood vir moré oggend sé werk, as ek my hemp saam gebringit sal my ma daai ook gestrykit :-)….dankie mammie en deddie julle is die beste.

The roadtrip turned abit scary  on our way back home as the mist set in…a scene out of Silent Hill could not even prepare us for this, four people in the car all eyes glued to the lines in the road o_O. Ya ons wil mos jokes maak van Elim sé eie weather channel haha Karma got us.

Another stop at Total – Sterri Stumpie Coffee flavour o yeah think im addicted, other snacks and we off again – the mist was so thick driving without any lights was better (moenie worry nie ons was nie so mal nie) – our minds were playing tricks on us daar was soma praat van aliens we saw the mothership creating the mist yislaaik to much enerjellies and you start seeing things o_O.

After 3 hours we arrived safely at home with memories to last a lifetime – crazy roadtrip family vibes 😀 blessed day

Happy Father’s Day to all our hero’s


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