Whiskey makes you frisky

Whiskey is an acquired taste, neat, with ice, with water it is your choice all I know is whiskey makes you frisky o_O…and the girls they use at some of the stalls don’t help the cause.(sorry)

My second Whiskey Live Festival I will not mention anything about the first experience because I cannot remember…so I decided this one I’m going to take it a little more easier…just a little hahaha.

The venue changed from the CTICC to The Lookout at The Waterfront which I thought was not such a good idea, yes  you get the intimate setting but the place is so packed you can’t really enjoy your whiskey without bumping into someone when you lift your glass to drink o_O.

Before starting the tasting experience I had a walk around the venue to get the feel and also select the brands I wanted to try not knowing how much credit I had one my card by the way. There were so much to choose from it was overwhelming I was surprised to see a perfume stand and guess who I spotted….Errol from 7de Laan het daai bra nie nou die dag matric geslaag nie o_O haha hy kom nie eens oor om ‘n foto saam my tè vat nie, miskien lees hy die en as hy my wee sien vra hy my autograph :-D.

So our first stop was Black Bottle – the bold taste of Islay uh it was more the girl serving the drink to be honest uh her name you have to ask my friend Nathan lol…anyways it is a good whiskey smooth easy to drink great way to start the evening. Next we tried the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey hmmmm I felt like Winnie the Pooh dipping my hand in a homeycomb and licking my fingers…I was not the only one who enjoyed this Whiskey though many people I spoke to said this was one of their favourites.

We then tried the Chivas Regal 12 year old which was also good – after taking a test via a computer I found out that Glenfinchie was the drink for me uh nah I don’t think that thing was working didn’t really feel that one but I did learn something new though…drink whiskey with no ice and add just a little water to enhance the flavour.

Nathan’s drink was the Johnnie Walker Platinum Label uh yes that is more like it, this is something I’ll drink more often…definitely one of the favourites of the night.

Whiskey goes well with a cigar right..you’ve seen this in Titanic so naturally we rear towards the cigar stand but at a price of R400 a cigar (the best one obvious) we move next door to the Twisp stand at least you can test for free…I’m no smoker so not really my scene but ok if you thinking of quiting or looking for an alternative this is the way to go.

I entered into the Cape Argus competition hopefully I’m the winner of some whiskey to send my dad for Fathers Day….we tried the breathalyzer test obviously knowing we over the limit but there were people doing it as a competition so obviously I’m in…haha just kidding :-D.

Next we tried Bains Cape Mountain Whiskey winner of various awards straight from South Africa lovely indeed…so after testing a few good Whiskey’s we decided, ok lets have something with a name we can’t pronounce enter Bunnahabhain (yeah try saying that after a few whiskey’s o_O)…here we got an interesting tour of the 12, 18 and 25 year old. I learn’t that by adding water to a whiskey you are releasing the serpent (told you it makes you frisky)…an interesting story in scotland saying cheers is Shangjeva (ignore spelling) the tour guide told us a story of a portuguese guy translating it to ‘slaan jou ma’ – uh guess this guy had one to many drinks haha).

It was almost time for last round so I decided to have my favourite Jameson, I tried the select gold was ok not the best though but had to try. Last round it was a scramble to try whiskey’s you haven’t had ended up at the Ballantine’s stand I had this before and it is a pretty good blended scotch whiskey.

There were probably other whiskey’s I had which were not mentioned I apologise oh the Glen Grant was good too :-D….cmon I’m writing this blurry eyed hahaha just kidding a little water and I’m fine real men know how to handle a good woman uh I mean whiskey ;-).

Awesome festival another one for the memory books :-).


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