Rush hour

Just when I thought Cape Town Rush Hour was bad, twice this week quick thinking prevailed and ended up with amazing opportunities to immerse myself in the place we call the Mother City 😀

Yesterday I used the opportunity to promote Cape Town talent while enjoying a leka bierkie at Beerhouse on Long Street and using the FREE Wifi for research…this was the result…

Digital Profiling –

Today I realised the beauty of Cape Town, deciding to wait out the traffic by taking a walk through the company gardens

It is amazing how you can see something many times but then it still feels like you seeing it for the first time that is what is so amazing about our City.

Never lose an opportunity of
seeing anything beautiful,
for beauty is God’s
handwriting. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

While sitting on a bench I found this tweet by @CapeTownEtc…

Recommended Friday activity: free jazz evening at @VandAWaterfront

Once again I grab the opportunity thinking what an awesome way to end off the week plus it is FREE…call me cheap, I call it seizing the moment.


The stage was set and the crowd were anxiously waiting to be warmed up by the soothing sound of Jazz Music….with Game Of Thrones season 5 just ending and Winter really is coming there is no better way enjoy winter than by joining in for awesome Jazz Evenings until August :-D. Moenie worry nie Ladies it is only 2 hours you will still have time to get your fix of MR GREY o_O….plus there is free coffee too (I think it was only for today to kick things off though…)


With names like Judith Sepuma and Toya Delazy on the line up I think the Waterfront will be the WARMEST place in Cape Town on Fridays.

“Everything has
beauty, but not
everyone sees it.”- Confucius

Today I made sure I did not miss it…if I could print what my eyes saw it would fill a thousand picture books…


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder…today it was my eyes who saw this beauty – feeling blessed. 🙂


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