House of pain

If it ain’t AWA Wrestling it ain’t real…

The House of Pain welcomed the millions of fans from across the city, belville maitland parow beeeeelville to witness the Battle Royale – 20 men enter at the same time only 1 leaves with the golden ticket.

Before the main event we had some epic match ups a 6 man tag match where Team Money dominated – front flips, backflips and flip flops o_O an action packed match indeed.


The next match saw Sammy Swiegers the defending lightweight champion take on Little Hillbilly for the title with a little trash talk before the match it was game on…the fight went on outside the ring – ek dog ‘n man kan soma in join so close we were to the action. It was the crowd favourite Little Hillbilly who walked away Champion – everyone loves an underdog right :-D.


Bad Blood – this was on the line between Vinnie Vegaz and The OZ a grudge match no holds barred – chairs flying I almost got hit by the stairs hahaha with every chop the crowd went ahhhhh this was one match for the history books. Vinny Vegas eventually disqaulified himself by hitting the referee making the OZ the winner.

Cape Town is known for the Kaapse Klopse so obviously someone has to represent and that is Ed-Electric this guy really does have some electrifying moves in the ring as he took on Miss Gorgeous (this is a guy by the way) in a Cruiserweight title fight. Mr Money cashed in his golden ticket to make this a triple threat match…it was however every man or ‘woman’ for themselves, in the end Ed- Electric retained his title with a little help from Vinny Vegas who distracted Mr Money o_O.

Forget what you see in the WWE, KANE kan gaan slaap we have our own brothers of distruction they come in the form of The Freakshow and The Missing Link.
Heard in the crowd “This is a mad fuck” hahaha and yip from what I saw he really is. They took on the duo of Shaun Koen ‘ Lion of Africa’ yislaaik but this is a beast of a man and the Italian Stallion Johnny Palazzio. With such heavyweights in the ring I was worried the ring would implode before the main event, bodies flying everywhere…yes there was blood this is real wrestling. The match was all over didn’t know where to look inside or outside the ring, chairs flying a chain was even used dinge het rof geraak hahahaha. It was eventually the team of Shaun Koen and the bloody Johnny Palazzio who came out with hands raised. Watchout for the title fight between The Missing Link and Johnny Palazzio in December should be epic.


Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for the Battle Royale – waar kom al die mense venaar heavyweights, lightweights and just plain maer outjies all in the same ring it was chaos…but good fun to watch as 20 wrestlers battled it out for the Golden Ticket. It took 4 wrestlers to get Shaun Koen out the ring hahaha good team work :-D. Johnny Palazzio was the eventual winner don’t know how he was still standing blood gushing out his head o_O


I didn’t expect it to be this entertaining these wrestlers put their bodies on the line for us to scream and shout at it all – who knows we might just see the next Justin Gabriel but for now we have THE MISSING LINK o_O


Kids don’t try this at home – keep it in the ring



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