Wie is djy?

The Cape Slave Church was host to an intimate market with a big message – never forget your roots.


Wie is ek?…nee die vraag is, wie is djy? A leka mal bazaar with various stalls from special herbs vir enige kwaal onne die son to flowers and hand made lamps, the Rasta community represented with some cool jams (music) maar daar was ook home-made jem (the survivor in chockers and survivors haha :-D) om te koop and stickers with qoutes.

At the church there is a also a travelling exhibition where children’s games are displayed….daai goed wat die kinders nog innie pad gespeelit soes gaaties en kennetjie.


I also saw an elephant made out of wood and was amazed at the craftmanship that went into this…ya die Kaap is vol talent 😀


Jy sien nie meer kinders innie pad speel nie anne dag het ‘n man nog leka ball geskop kaalvoete nou issie voete te sensitive vir daai is mos nikes en spikes awe.


Wie is Ek……ek wietie maar wat ek wiet is – take me back to being a laaitie carefree with no worries.

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet” – Bob Marley


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