Love Locked

Inspired by a recent competition I won run by Ruth Smith Photography a budding young talent straight out of Cape Town, South Africa 😀


This was the amazing prize a piece of history as the padlocks on Paris’s Pont des Arts more commonly known as the ‘love bridge’ have recently been removed.

The sheer weight of all the love over the years has caused part of the bridge to collapse under the pressure – just goes to show the power of LOVE :-D.

Me I am no love junky I am probably the last person to ask about love, I am like Good Luck Chuck one kiss from me girls,  and your next boyfriend will be the one you marry hahaha…anyways the removal of the locks has been sparked by concern as to what will happen to the thousands if not millions of ‘Love Locks’. I say they should melt them and make one huge lock to be displayed in a museum with the picture of the bridge in the background.

Although Paris will remain the City of Love sadly we have to say au-revior don’t worry you won’t be Locked out of Heaven o_O.

For more info on Ruth Smith Photography follow:


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