Be Merri……Man


Cake for breakfast….yip if it for a good cause why not 😀

In celebration of the Merriman’s Lions Club 50th Birthday a large cake went on sale at N1 City today to add to the funds for various causes.


With various projects on the go it is amazing to find out that there are extraodinary people out there doing good….or rather these are Ordinary People doing Amazing things 😀

Rebuild of the Masibusiswe Day
Care Centre in a local African
settlement. In its third year funds are being raised by a non Lion in the UK and we have committed to starting the build this year. The centre cares for pre and afterschool care of 130 children including abandoned HIV positive babies. Humanitarian Aid Shipments:
Number 6 has just arrived
containing millions of dollars worth of medical equipment, medical supplies, educational items, children’s toys and books,
Household and sporting goods.
These are distributed free to medical facilities and needy causes across
the country.

Help to Hear: In six years 30000 pre
tested hearing aids have been
imported from the UK and
distributed to local hospital based audiology partners. They are issued at no cost to children countrywide.

This is only a glimpse into the work this organisation supports for more info:

Speaking to one of the member’s I heard an interesting story about how they did something similiar to raise funds for Frikkie’s hip op and today was an attempt to raise funds for his second op so that he can walk normal again…inspired I purchased a piece of cake knowing that I was making a difference.

Things happen for a reason and today was for me to see that wherever you go do not forget to smile and be Merri….Man 😉

Happy 50th Birthday keep up the good work. Hip Hip horaaaaaaaay


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