Love your beach


Full Moon, Beach, Running. Yip live an active life to keep the heart pumping and the body warm during winter 😀

Join the Beach Night run series, with the 3rd run in the series just finished today there is still time to enter the last one on the 24th June at Milnerton Lighthouse…this is something different a fun filled family event, all you’ll see are smiling faces even after a tiring beach run 😀

If this does not get you excited there are amazing gifts at the end of the run plus a boerie roll and cooldrink for you to enjoy while mingling with fellow runners….a great way to meet new people too.


While you at it you are welcome to keep our beaches beautiful and clean for all to enjoy – the clean ups happen every first Saturday of the month…los maar die shopping bags vir ‘n bietjie later you’ll avoid the stress of long queue’s…plus you’ll feel great in knowing that you are making a difference – LEAVE NO FOOTPRINT.

All funds raised go towards feeding 40 kids in Joe Slovo Park

For more info: – Facebook
@BloubergBC – Twitter



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