Next Generation


The Cape’s first-ever Electronics and Gaming Expo.

The gaming sector is one of the fastest-growing in the local entertainment and media industry with a growth rate in excess of 9% per annum

It was amazing to see young and old alike enjoy the next generation in gaming, Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita and some old school arcade style games were all on offer for our enjoyment.

I’m am not a real gamer but ofcourse who can say no to getting your hand at the new Mortal Kombat come on this is the game we all grew up with and X looks awesome :-D.

Fifa 15 tournaments are becoming ever more popular even with the latest scandals, controlling one of the best players in the World will continue to blow our minds for years to come.

The Cosplay outfits were amazing people really went all out to bring their favourite anime and gaming heroes and heroine’s to life – I don’t know who this guy is but that does not look comfortable hahaha


Call of Duty and Counterstike were also popular, fingers crushing PC keyboards, orders being shouted while the sound of guns blazing through huge headsets…there may be hundreds watching but once you in the zone it is only you and the PC o_O.

The card and boardgames brought back memories of the Pokemon league years ago at Grandwest but this was next level….measuring tapes and lifelike environments like clash of clans I had no idea what was happening complicatung stuff but for the pro’s this is their life.

CPU, Ram and overclocking were thrown around like the common greeting “Hello, How are you?” – Yes I do know what this is uh overclocking is when you come late for work right o_O

There was so much to enjoy, a family friendly event food and games a gamers paradise πŸ˜€ plus some cool comic’s and figurines just make sure your budget can handle it hahaha.

Finally there was the Oculus…next level its like going into the matrix a Roller Coaster ride in the middle of the CTICC putting on those glasses it is like you are in another world…I was scared when it was over the real world would not be the same o_O.

This is the next generation…I’m sure a certain man is playing Clash of Clans as we speak lazing in the lavish pool (you know who I’m talking about right SA joke)…o wait winter is coming πŸ™‚


1 thought on “Next Generation

  1. Lucre

    The event was super fun, and had a great time. COD Finals were close and intense. Hoping they add a LoL tourny so I can be in the finals.
    Looking forward to next years one.


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