Tour de Chang Mai

The next morning some of us decided to explore the streets of Chang Mai by bicycle.

We rode through the city taking in the many sights, I tried taking video’s on camera but when I checked it afterwards it came out like a mixture of the movies Cloverfield and Blair Witch Project o_O…you can’t blame me though trying to navigate through the streets with cars and people.

We stopped at ruined temple and a leprosy colony (again appreciation set in – humbling experience thankful for the full use of limbs) amazed at the recovery and what they are able to achieve with their disabilities. I learnt that if you ever lost in Thailand find a temple and you’ll know which way is east unless you find the ONE temple in Chang Mai  facing north (dammit I forgot the name – guess I’m screwed already o_O).

Next we visited a garden where we ate jack fruit, banana’s, litchi’s and mango – we also got a chance to test our skills with a catapult (I know it as a “kettie”). It was Australia vs Tokyo vs America vs America vs South Africa guess who hit the target :-D….This made me popular with the ladies (in my dreams hahaha).

We even got a cool temple selfie with the guide too..


Back at the hotel everyone went for a Thai Massage, I decided I was not ready for a happy ending so I opted to take a map and explore the old city walking in one direction and that is straight so as not to get lost 😀

I found another temple and explored it before I got caught in the rain, took a Tuk tuk back to the hotel ( Tip Keep a card of hotel or use body language when communicating in a foreign country it works). We all met up at a cozy resturant for lunch before it was time to set off once again by night train to Bangkok…..the journey for me was nearing its end.


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