Sad to say Goodbye..

Back in the busy city of Bangkok for one last ride…

I had a couple of hours left before my flight back home, we went to the weekend market by train where we entertained the locals with our antics almost starting a random flashmob, our craziness attracted a random German guy  whom we later lost in the crazy twist and turns of the market. At the market we went in search of a Chang Hat and shot glasses and some last minute souvenir shopping, the market is huge and the heat unbearable (one thing I won’t miss about Thailand).

We decided to take a Tuk Tuk back to the Hotel…bargaining with the driver as we packed it with 5 people, much to the disaproval of the driver. We drove past the Kings house and got to see more of the city albeit holding on for our lives as the Tuk Tuk weaved between traffic. We stopped at Koa San road (a road renowned for its  many backpackers), not knowing why we stopped the driver told us to get out…we argued that this was not the place we needed to be and luckily we had a card of the name of the hotel for him to see. Hissing what could’ve been curse words under his breath he relunctantly started the engine and we off…the drive seemed abit longer than expected at this point we were getting nervous looking for something that looks familiar, the gps tracker on the phone not working o_O.

Finally we see the hotel but not before we get stuck in traffic a quick consensus between us all and we decide to pay this guy and jump off to walk – that was on awkward but mad experience.

Farewell lunch in Chinatown, 17 people rearanging  the place, we confused the waitress so much she forgot what everybody ordered and just wrote food on the bill hahahaha.

It was time for me to head off to the airport but not before my last Chang and goodbye hugs from everyone.

8 Days ago I would not have thought I would’ve met such an amazing group of people whom I can now call friends. Lots of memories were made and I am sure some lifelong connections too…..Yes Aisley we are having coffee at Starbucks in Tokyo overlooking that busy street (I’m ordering a venty :-D) – this will give me a huge caffiene boost to take your hand and join in the massive crowd hahaha.

Meet the group
Phil – Food/Friend
Roger and Ingerborg – Food/Friend
Carlos and Charlotte – Food/Friend
Samantha, Kate and Dimity – Food/Friend
Kevin – Food/Friend
Alejandro – Food/Friend
Jessica and Jessica – Food/Friend
Joseph – Food/Friend
Dorian – Food/Friend
Alex –  Food/Friend
Hannah – Food/Friend
Aisley – Food/Friend

Ps: I am prepared for the whole group to come visit South Africa 😀

Many thanks ( Kob-khun krab )
Shaun – South Africa


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