Back in Chang Mai ahhh we get to sleep on real beds tonight, aircon and Wifi hahaha first world problems right Aisley :-D.

Everyone updating the family and friends about our experience and creating a facebook group for us all to keep in contact – thankful for social media….but we still on holiday so I decided to go for a swim where I met two guys from another group who did the Indochina trip (Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia) – yeah I’m sold that is what I’m doing when I return. Swimming in the rain was fun.

Right game plan for the night we going to the market and seeing a Ladyboy show…wait what o_O. First we had dinner where a Chang Tower was ordered, I had a Tsunami yip it tastes like one and ate Squid and prawns. The show was actually pretty awesome (damn you Tsunami haha) we sang with to every song and got excited to take pictures with the Ladyboys.

Next it is off to a Discotheque or club called Soyyellow (I think thats the name – could be the name of a drink too). On our way to the club hanging out the back of the bakkie I grabbed a guys Buritto (which he offered), these people must’ve thought bloody tourists hahaha. At the club we all felt right at home bumping and grinding, first pumping and jumping like there is no tomorrow. We are living a life that we won’t forget right :-D…..We want more were the shouts as the Dj ended his set.

This was another fun night that left us all with a bit of a Changover the next morning o_O

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