21 Questions

It was almost time to get back to reality but not before one last train ride with  an amazing group of friends.

I got the bottom bunk this time more spacious and had a bit of a view. It was funny as we caught the train gaurds taking sly pictures of us then quickly invited them for a real picture (I think it was the Vietnamese hat I was wearing that caught there attention haha )


On the train I learnt a new game called Gin Rummy (no alcohol involved unfortunately) – 6 rounds the aim of the game was to get the most points or was it the least o_O, anyways it was pretty funny.

A question book popped up and we all went a little deeper into each others minds the questions were not easy and made us think but was a good way to get to know each other on a different level.

As I layed in bed that night I was abit sad thinking that my trip was almost over, everyone excited about the next part of their journey to the islands but also sad because the group was splitting up.

Still had one more day in Bangkok….have to make the most of it right.

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