Survivor: Thailand – Day 3

Day 3

The final day of our trek through the jungle this time we were travelling by river on bamboo rafts….these are just a bunch of sticks wrapped together it is like those sucker stick boats we made as kids o_O.

After breakfast and a UFC fight between Chang (Monkey) and Whiskers (Dog), we had to put all our belongings in plastic bags to be tied to the front of the raft. A quick briefing of how to stand, feet apart (this is easier said than done) and we are off down the river. Each raft containing 4 people and a guide, armed with a bamboo stick we helped the guide navigate the calm waters, it was shallow at some points I can only imagine what this river is like in the monsoon season. Left, Right are the commands at one point I almost got knocked over by Roger as his stick got stuck between a rock haha what a save though :-D.

The rapids were fun keeping your balance was the real test,  there were some awesome bails too this is all part of the fun right, man overboard hahaha. Don’t worry we had life jackets :-).

The scenery through the jungle was like a scene out of anaconda, four different rafts floating through the river not knowing what to expect just enjoying the calm before each rapid.

I was expecting monkeys to be swinging from tree to tree throwing us with fruit but I guess I was in the wrong jungle…hmmm need to google this for my next trip, but we did see water buffalo’s just enjoying a lazy morning splash.

2hours 30minutes later we arrived at our destination for lunch and local ladies selling us souvenirs, I wanted to sell the lady my toothbrush but that would be rude right (appreciation set in of how privileged we are).

A bakkie ride back to the hotel to call an end to an awesome life changing 3 days, while we were driving we tried to give out cigars to random people on scooters…..I think this is an offence as the police appeared behind us, the panic on our faces were funny (ok I think it was just me)…Oh wait its not for us shoo haha.

Back at the hotel, After 3 days, 17 Castaways became 17 friends and guess what there were 17 Survivors :-D.


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