Survivor: Thailand – Day 2

Day 2

I’m sure you read the first days adventures – everyone is still alive, minor mosquito bites and bruises from falls in the jungle, getting leeched but these are all part of the adventure right.

Waking up to breakfast, scrammbled eggs and bacon…nope rice and more rice. We were briefed on the next part of our journey a 7 hour trek through the jungle but the terrain would not be as rough as the previous day (or so we thought).

It took us about 3 hours to the first village no major hiccups it was actually really smooth except for my waterbottle breaking and stuggling with the stupid sling bag thing I used (yeah I know interesting choice right)…At the village we saw elephants up close and were getting excited at the prospect of feeding and bathing them after lunch.

We went down to the river where 3 hungry Elephants were waiting for us to feed them and give them a good bath, we were lucky enough to get a chance to hop on too ( they were so full that we had to dodge floating shit balls)….later I heard that in the past only the king and his family could ride elephants I guess today we were kings and, I felt like Mogli the jungle boy.

After that awesome experience, could this trip get any better….yes we get to play football/soccer (a constant battle between UK and America as to which it is, to me it is soccer) with the local kids at the school. The boys were really competitive, we wanted to win but the girls brought us back down to earth so we let the kids score, the final score 4-4, was great fun soccer is a universal language just like music.

The guide smelt the air (this just for dramatic effect) and advised us to get out our rain gear as it started pouring, we were going into monsoon season after all but it was still hot…I won a reward to have my bags taken to the next village by raft for scoring the best offside goal, just kidding the option was given and I took it don’t judge me.

With another 3 hours ahead things got abit muddy as the rain did not make things easier, it was like we were skiing through the jungle. Everyone’s shoes were packed with an extra layer of mud. Looking down was a bad idea as death-defying falls were your destiny, things just got real.

When we got to our next and final overnight ( Mae Tang Tribe) stop I was actually relieved thinking about it now that shit was dangerous. Kicking off my shoes I saw a black wriggly thing on my leg ahhhh I got leeched luckily I pulled it off before it got its fangs into me and they had to burn it off (Don’t worry leeches can’t kill you….I hope).

We settled into Hotel Mae Tang (matress and mosquito nets), and turned the place into a cigar lounge, smoke and Chang filling the air together with some homemade fireworks.

When night fell we were entertained to more local games where in the end all our faces were covered in charcoal hahaha the picture afterwards was a sight to see…


We watched the stars and enjoyed rice whiskey and local rum before calling it a night….

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