Reclining Buddah

After our first night we needed to be cleansed I think o_O – (Thankful that we can drink water out of our taps in South Africa)

Waking up with a bit of a Changover breakfast is needed everyone looking abit fragile after travelling and our mad night out but also excited for what is planned for the day.

Our first organised trip was to visit the reclining Buddah a massive statue of Buddah just relaxing in awesome gold brightness. Around the temple were many statues and rich history and meaning you could feel the calm as you see people perform certain ceremonies around the different statues. We could give a donation and get 108 coins and place them in bowls – the meaning: celebrating the 108 times Buddah was reincarnated.

Afterwards we went on a boat ride on the river where we saw different temples along the way, It was amazing to see how they navigated all the boats through the river at the same time so calmly. We stopped at one pointed where we got bread to feed the fish in the water before we headed back to the hotel.

Free time before we head off to Chang Mai by overnight train, some of us decide to visit a 7 story mall this place is huge each story having a different theme from electronics to furniture. You would think you can find anything here right uh nope they did not have a shotglass with the words Bangkok on it or any games to play on the train sorry Kevin and Alex o_O….but we did find a  place to have coffee I had some Mango Ice Coffee which was cool. Oh yeah we went by Tuk Tuk it is fun and dangerous at the same time that is probably why it is the most popular mode of transport 😀 (Tip 3: Keep hands and feet inside,do not overload and pay the driver – story for later)

Almost time to move to next City – Chang Mai here we come tooooot toooot


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