One Night in Bangkok

I’m sure you guys watched Hangover 2 well what you saw is real Bangkok is one crazy city at night…

After having dinner and meeting the team we decided to see what the Bangkok nightlife has to offer, off to Patpong night bazaar we go. Here we saw the famous ladyboys yip they are real o_O. Everywhere you look someone is offering you a brochure for a sex show uh lets get some drinks in before we do that I think hahaha.

We find a club/bar where the waitress got confused about the change this almost ended up in an argument, we quickly realised that we needed to find another place. The next place was abit better, live  band a small stage and Jagerbombs hmmm interesting combination right :-D. Remember this is our first night and first time we met each other….right think it is time to see this sex show thing hahaha life changing (Tip 1:  make sure what you are letting yourself into), ping pong balls, darts, bubble blowing, and bottle opening damn what else can this lady do with her vagina I bet she can push a baby out there too o_O. (Tip 2: Make sure you pay or you’ll be chased through the streets by weird guys or almost getting slapped by a lady) .

After that crazy episode its time to get back to Hotel – Taxi and a Tuk Tuk, a few changs in our belly we not ready for sleep nope, hmmmmm wait what is this we see a kareoke bar in the hotel for sure lets rock this party 😀 – 8 people on the stage singing Toxic by Britney Spears yeah we were intoxicating hahaha

After closing the kareoke bar with our awesome singing we decide its time for a swim at 2am yip lets go for a swim boys and girls :-D…after abit of a struggle to convince the hotel to let us swim afterhours we give up on our midnight pool party damn what a bummer.

O well first night in Bangkok and already memories were piling up….don’t worry no one got any random tattoos or waking up with any tigers….



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