Welcome to Bangkok

We land at Bangkok airport and yes I am nervous, final destination have no idea what to expect.

I did not even take any pictures just wanted to find my bag as I have heard weird stories about lost luggage, my face when I saw my bag must’ve been a sight to see the feeling of relief.

Ok now for the next part where do I find the transfer guy hmmm no idea and do not even know what to ask o well lets walk around, I got here on my own I will figure this out. Wait is that my name Shaun Engel…yes I pointed at the guy with a smile shook his hand that must’ve been weird for him haha but I was happy this is it :-D. – Where do I exchange money I ask him and he points me in the direction….righto Baht in hand lets do this.

I find the transfer guy and notice 3 girls joined in hmmm they must be doing a G Adventure tour too ofcourse I have to ask and with  excitement we introduce ourselves, the usual where you from? and where have you been? –  3 Australians physiotherapists who did some community service in Vietnam nice.

In the car on our way to the hotel we try out some Thai words but have no idea what we are saying haha, the driver was pretty quiet though. Me, I was just looking out the window in awe I am in Bangkok on my own what will these 8 days have in store for me…..


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