Righto Final destination -+ 6 hour flight from Doha to Bangkok it is 2:15am and we off.

The aeroplane not so full no one next to me so I can stretch my legs, skoene uitgetrek lekker comfortable and got a window seat.

In flight entertainment hmmm lets try the movie Whiplash watched a couple of minutes then got bored almal slaap dan this going to be a loooong flight o_O

We were probably in the air for 2 hours when I opened the blind thing by the window so the sun was shining with blue skies….whaaaaaaat damn this time difference is funny the world is a strange place.

Djy hoor net mense wat hout saag soos hulle snork en iemand het soma gepoep ook…o wait that was me o_O haha.

There was a bit more turbulence than the previous flight but don’t worry no one got any whiplash.

Tasted everything on the flight Beef, Fish and now Chicken…there is Tofu I don’t know what that is I’ll maybe try that when I get back my stomach will be use to weird things from Thailand πŸ˜€

Ok so the time we arrive in Bangkok it will be 12pm the afternoon good thing I shut my eyes abit so I can feel fresh for what lies ahead πŸ˜‰

Next stop Survivor: Thailand


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