Welcome to Doha

First stop Doha, gateway to the world according to Qatar Airways. Getting out the aeroplane took some time though I guess the mense were still ‘n bietjie dronk lol.

Arrived at about 10:30pm guess what the temperature was +-33 degrees yislaaik o_O you can feel that warm breeze as you get out the airoplane. The airport so big you have to get into a bus to get to the checkout points.

Cool so I’m am still with my new friend from London originally from Cape Town so he shows me where to look for next flight details a quick stop at the toilet toe ek wee kyk is die bra  weg cheers bud.

Ok I guess it is me against the world again next flight at 2:15am I’m wide awake so I decide ok let me first find out where boarding is but before I found that I saw wheelie escalaters these things are cool you just stand and it moves forward. I probably went on these things like a kid who found a new toy :-D.

Right found the place now to explore out with the camera took pictures of everything I could see but that will be posted at a later stage…for now use your imagination.

I heard languages I didn’t even know exist saw people buying cigars, whiskey, perfumes whatever in bulk at the duty-free shops the goetes must be super cheap. Got some lekker perfume sample because you gotta smell good right 😀

Saw a sky train thing asked a guy if he saw it and he was like what….but when I saw him again toe vat hy ok photo’s o_O

The Airport is super clean if they could they would’ve been walking with a broom behind every person.

So my phone didn’t work this roaming thing sucks anyway they have free Wifi and internet ports so I could at least update the family that I’m safe.

Lesson learnt: Keep your ears open just like metrorail, airports also have gate changes my next flight moved toe volg ek net die crowd hahaha talk about rent-a-crowd :-D.

When they announced boarding was ek eerste not going to make the same mistake twice, the process was quick and easy and organised boarding per Zone.

Final Destination Bangkok 😀


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