Hunger Games

My first time abroad and I almost missed my flight literally had to run to board the flight I was the last person to board – crazy times haha told you I’ll come back with loads of stories 😀

Ok so how does the seats work o_O….ahhh you have to look up but only found that out 2 hours into the flight. The julle announcements are made but all electronic I was expecting one of the flight attendants to be arms waving at exits and stuff though. Felt the plane moving but didn’t even know we took off welldone pilot perfect lift off ;-). While in the air you get this weird feeling in your throat I’m just thinking keep it in keep it in lol.

In the air cruising altitude of about 39000 ft drinks are served at regular intervals, the choice is overwhelming I went with what this dude next to me got…a freaking Bloody Mary hot hot hot lol. People never really started talking until drinks came yeah I guess alcohol does get the tongues wagging.

The choice of movies are cool and I found a book where you can buy perfume and watches whaaaaat its like a mall in the air o_O.

Started chatting to the guy next to me interesting conversation he just came from Africa Burn and off to another one in Wales heard some of his stories ok wait let me just add that to my bucket list quick hahaha it is growing first flight abroad and already becoming a jetsetter ;-).

+- 9 hour flight to first stop I tried to watch Pacific Rim boring movie so it is music then uh ek verstaanie wat hier aangaanie ok wait saw a picture of the Legend Bob Marley that can work. There are also games to play but this ain’t no playstation so no Fifa I’ll give that a skip I think. Wait there is blackjack hmmmm barman bring me a whiskey hier gaan nou leka gespeel word jislaaik a casino on board too 😀

Did I mention the flight kit, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Pillow, Blanket, Sleeping Mask, earplugs and Socks yeah thats right socks because no one likes to sleep with cold feet 😀

Chicken or Beef, last chicken so I had to take beef o well was going to go with beef anyway – lunch is served. Meal was pretty decent plus you get pudding droê vrugte sonder custard damn.

Being a flight attendant probably one of the worst jobs yes you get to travel but dealing with peoples moods more than 30 000 ft in the air nie vir my nie dankie.

Dealing with kids dankie tog ek is alleen lol my head feel like it wana explode imagine these poor parents hectic. o_O

Ended up watching The Hunger Games and getting honger while at it good thing they served food twice hmmmm next time I’ll do what my ouma taught us and put in padkos…hard gekookde eiers met mayonnaise 😉

Next time round it was fish or uh fish…ok I’ll have the fish thanks, the food on the flight is pretty decent I must say cater for all tastes and you get a chocolate treat too.

The decent is abit woozy, ears feel like it going to burst o_O seltbelts in and upright position welcome to first stop…

..Doha, this is starting out to be one interesting trip

One Love 🙂


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