Girls best friend

They say Diamonds are a Girls best friend this is true once you walk into Cape Town Diamond Museum and see the sparkle in the girls eyes.

Situated in the bustling heart of the world-famous Clock Tower precinct and Gateway to Robben Island at the Waterfront, the Cape Town Diamond Museum pays tribute to the world’s most precious gem, the diamond. Witness a 3 billion year
old story unfold from a diamond’s formation to the final polished stone.

It is a gift from Shimansky to the public. This is one museum you should put on your to-do list as it takes you on an intimate tour of the Diamond industry, very informative and eye catching ;-).

“The true value of a Shimansky Original is in the knowing” – Yair Shimansky

Did you know that to to get a perfect Diamond it has to have the four C’s – Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity once all these are in place the most important C comes into play CONFIDENCE. Give your fiance one of these Diamonds and I’m sure she will boost your confidence :-D….just watch your bank balance o_O.

“The true perfection of our creation is only realised when worn by the one you adore” – Yair Shimansky

To be honest I was actually in search of the Heart of the Ocean but I was intellectualy corrected by the tour guide that it sank with the Titanic o_O….imagine how my heart sank when I heard this hahahaha.

“We don’t love because we expect every moment to be perfect, but because there will be so many moments that are.” – Yair Shimansky

Like I said it is an enriching experience looking at the history of Diamonds it makes you appreciate Diamonds more knowing the process of how it comes to be something so perfect. Looking at a diamond through a microscope one word WOW ;-).

For more info follow the following link but be sure to pop in and be amazed 😉


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