Park the Bus

The 5th Jive Slave Route Challenge taking you across the historic monuments Cape Town has to offer.

You can take away our statues but you cannot take away our freedom to run through this beautiful city of ours and admire her beauty 😀

My 3rd 10km Race and the camaraderie between runners always gets to me it is an awesome feeling to be motivated and help motivate fellow athletes, each person has their own reason for running but we all have one goal and that is to finish. This run is one race where motivation plays a big factor….ya ek praat van Koesiester Hill djy kan maar hoeveel Comrade’s gehardloopit this hill will test you :-D.

I had a lekker run today at about 5km I hopped on the Top Form bus their leader was an awesome motivator and those Anties are top fit, “Keep it moving” “Hoohaaa” and “stay together “use each other’s energy” were words of encouragement as we climbed those hills :-D….I almost had to put a antie over my shoulder to help her up the hill hahahaha just kidding it was the other way around o_O.

With a leka Koesiester at the top it is all downhill to the end, smiles and cheers of jubilation as you cross the finishline is always a wonderful feeling – Thank you to all the sponsors involved and Happy Mothers day Cape Town you are truly the Mother City 😉


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