Aaaaaand its go time..

Talks are done, gloves are raised lets get ready to rumble…

Once again a stacked fight card for the EFC fans in Cape Town, tonights event will have the tongues wagging for a few days after that dismal performance by main event match up Maputha vs Drotschie for a chance at the Light Heavyweight Championship. Some fans wished they were hit by a truck after the fight with frustration showing, boo’s – iemand het sieka geskreeu dis ‘n Kak fight man o_O – There were more punches in the Mayweather fight than in this one, Maphutha could not get his normal truck fists on Drotschie as he ran around to much.

“I fought the fight I wanted to. I’m not going to complain about a W.” – @juggernautEFC

Ok fair enough I actualy thought Maputha could have done more..
“I came here to fight, not to run around in the cage.” – @tumelo_maphutha

..Why didn’t he change his gameplan or something anyway for their efforts none of them is getting a title shot.

“Champion Dalcha will fight Chef for the title.” – EFC president Cairo Howarth”

After his win against Bahati, which to me was not really impressive Champion Dalcha will face Norman Wessels for the title in Cape Town.

“At the end of the day, that won’t be enough to beat me. Champion, see you soon my friend.” – @chef_ffm

Both Behati and Champion are built like beasts it was a tough match always looking like a knockout was around the corner from each fighter, ok fine I was not impressed by the decision as I thought Behati had him in the 2nd and 3rd round Champion looked abit washed out as Behati’s one two combinations looked hot. By unanimous decision Champion got the win on the night.

“I’m ready to fight anyone, anytime, anywhere.” – @lungiambula

Another amazing victory from Irshaad Sayed, The White Tiger ripped the heart out of The Lion Oompie Sebeko leaving his face swollen. Wanting to prove a point and send out a message to Demarte Pena he slapped around Oompie in the last minutes of the match up, always cool as ice handing out Ice Cream at the press conference this guy is full of confidence and a match up between Pena certainly will raise the EFC to another level.

“I didn’t just take him down. I took him down and beat him up.” – @IrshaadSayed

Don Madge, Cape Town boy the fans love him and he fed off their energy as he ran into the Hexagon ready to entertain, most of all ready to win. Talks about the monster in his head by Regis were stamped out as Madge was too much for him on the ground, he made good recovery but a second before the bell in the first round referee stopped the fight and Madge won by TKO.

“After my loss, I asked to start at the bottom of the division and work my way up.” – @DonMadgeMMA

The match up we all been waiting for lasted for about 30 seconds Van Zyl regaining his title with a massive knockout of the big man Groenewald who looked in better physical condition before the fight.

“I just wanted to hit him a bit and that is what I did.” – @Andrew_vanzyl1

One gear, One Punch  and we have a new EFC Heavyweight Champion…this was more a battle of the beards :-D.

“He came out and he crushed me… Win or lose I’ll always give 150%.” –@BrenGMMA

All in all it was a good night in Cape Town 12 massive bouts lots of talking points as always – massive respect to all fighters win or lose EFC never disappoints see you in August 😉



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