Why so serious?


Why so serious? It is Free Comic Book Day thats why with comic book lovers filling up Stadium on Main, Claremont. The lines were so long it ended up outside o_O

People came dressed up as their favourite comic book characters, I saw Spiderman, Ghostrider, Batgirl and these two…


Having a conversation about what, I don’t know but I’m sure whatever she asked him his answer was “google me” :-D.

It was a cool to see your favourite anime and comic book characters come to life through cos-play, even though I’m not a real fan I do know the difference between DC and Marvel :-P.

Free comic books were given away and amazing discounts to be grabbed on action figures from the movie KillBill and more. The only person that was serious was this person..


With Mortal Combat X just being released in South Africa, I was glad someone represented by saying “Come Over Here” – Finish Him 😀


I got so confused with all the amazing costumes that I got lost finding where I parked but I was not the only one, Peter Parker and his girlfriend Louis Lane were in the elevator with me o_O…or wait was that a different universe ;-).

Many exhibitors came out to showcase their amazing works of art, and yes there were Star Wars characters too.

The Force Awakens.


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